Saturday, 13 December 2008

Humiliation Assignment: Miss Kendra Sends You To Work as Her Sissy Slut...

Cruel, cunning Miss Kendra knows exactly what lurks beneath your ridiculous real-man costume: a simpering sputtering sissy desperate for a dominant young woman to snap you into frills and lace, void your laughable boy-boundaries and emasculate you until you're pink with shame. Be warned: one look into Miss Kendra's hypnotic eyes and you will find yourself risking embarrassment, exposure, and total emasculation -- just to lisp the words, "Yes, Miss Kendra. I'm your obedient sissy slut." Humiliation Assignment featuring Merciless Emasculation, Forced Sissification, and the Threat of Abject Public Humiliation

You just spent thousands on clothes, shoes and jewelry to adorn her with, in a laughable attempt to impress her. Now Princess Tiffani has you standing in the corner of her bedroom, credit cards drained, your tiny neglected dicket at full attention. You burn with humiliation as she tells a girlfriend what a pathetic dormat you are. Will Tiffani show mercy on you and toss you one of her ankle socks? Or will she keep you desperate, blueballed and throbbing with frustration?